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Planning For Your Kitchen Worktop Part 1

Hints and Tips to help you transform your kitchen into the hub of your home using our gorgeous wooden worktops.

Style? Take your pick.

Choosing the right timber for you is made much simpler when broken down to a couple of points: your personal tastes, the life you lead, and the style and shades used in your kitchen. Answer these questions first as they are vital to helping you create the kitchen you want with the work surface you desire.

From the exciting tropical timbers of Africa to the stunning North American hardwoods, there is a surprising amount of sustainably-sourced timbers in which to turn your kitchen into a haven of natural elegance and distinctive lines. 

Light Kitchens

Beautiful, with deep chocolatey tones; our Black Walnut worktops creates a wonderful contrast against lighter cabinetry. Dark worktops and lighter cabinets is a classic style that looks utterly gorgeous. With a grain structure is hardy yet elegant, gently flowing along the surface of the worktop, Black Walnut rightly earns its spot as the finest of hardwoods.

With its reddish, caramel shade, Black Cherry is a great way to add a splash of colour to your kitchen. The red hues make for a versatile worktop in terms of style, working in a contemporary or traditional kitchen.

Our FSC African hardwood add a unique and enticing colour to the heart of your home, providing dark, rich tones to your kitchen that differ subtly to the American hardwoods. The straight, even lines of Iroko offer a distinctive edge whilst the shimmering grain creates a sophisticated glowing look.

Dark Kitchens

The lighter of our Appalachian hardwoods create extra visual space in darker kitchens or kitchens with poor lighting, but they also contribute towards creating a bright and airy aesthetic in lighter kitchens. Our Maple worktops have a warm, yellow glow when light hits its surface which is perfect for brightening up a dark kitchen. The smooth and wavy grain reflects every bit of light if it has been oiled.


Our Oak worktops work in both light and dark kitchen settings, its universal appeal working well in almost all kitchens. Our Appalachian Oak has a prominent grain structure, making it both strong and beautiful whilst the golden tones ooze understated elegance and style.

Investing In The Best

As with any large purchase for your home, your worktop is an investment. Buying a cheap worktop can therefore be a false economy, and especially with wood. Quality wooden kitchen worktops are easy to maintain, built to last and exude a beauty that is hard to beat.

No matter what the style, be it 40mm or 60mm; our worktops define your kitchen long after it has been paid for.