Oak Worktops

Our oak worktops in are available in 60mm stave widths. The stave size refers to the width of the smaller individual lengths of timber which make up the worktop.

All of our worktops are 40mm thick in any style. Constructed using the finest furniture grade North American White Oak, it is significantly superior to European Oak.

Britain’s finest worktop manufacturer

These Oak worktops look fabulous because we make them that way, right here in Norfolk. Better materials, better process and craftsmen who care about each order they send out are the hallmarks of what you get when you buy one of our Oak worktops. Our American White Oak is simply stunning, hard as nails, the perfect timber for a light and airy kitchen.

Give your kitchen an edge

It’s tough competing against cheap & nasty imports, but there are plenty of things we do no one else can. At W-K-W there are no standard sizes, and no offcuts, which obviously means no waste; a beautiful product where you are paying for the value of the Oak, not middle men. Nearly all Internet retailers pretend to know about worktops, but actually just want to shift boxes. Assuming you want to give your kitchen an edge, we can help you do it.

We supply to household names

To give you an idea, we supply Marks & Spencers with Oak Table Tops for their new cafes. Jamie Olivers ‘Jamie’s Italian’ use our Oak blocks to prepare pasta, and British Airways have our Oak all around Terminal 5, to mention just a few household names. To supply these companies, we need to be solid, ethical and totally sustainable in our timber and manufacturing, which is why we are FSC certified.

Processed with care from start to finish

To qualify for Appalachian Hardwood status, the Oak for these worktops needs to be grown above 1000 feet, as these are the best growing conditions. So in actual fact this is the “best of best” of all Oaks in the world.

An Oak tree from this part of the America has an average girth of 38 inches, is 75 to 90 years old, stands around 100 ft tall and weighs about 15 tons and is quite the most beautiful tree, especially in the autumn ‘fall’ season. Compare that with the 12 inch average Chinese Oak which is lucky to see 50 years and 50 feet.

Once you have the raw oak timber, it is vital to dry it properly – get this wrong and the worktop will soon have splits and warps. Which is why we dry all our own timber, even though American Timber merchants are the best in the world, we still like to do it ourselves. Then you need the right equipment to manufacture the worktops – if you are out on your set up by as much as .01mm then all the worktops will come out ‘wonky’.

An Oak worktop might look simple, but believe me it’s not anything like as straight forward as it looks.

You should expect hundreds of years service from our Oak worktops. After all, look at HMS Victory – 200 years on from the battle of Trafalgar and she is still a working vessel of the Royal Navy!

Your worktop, the way you want it

Want an extra wide Oak worktop? No problem. Just use our online quote calculator for any width up to 2500mm.

Need an Oak worktop longer than 5 metres? No problem. We can make them up to 12500mm – that’s 41 feet. We like to quote for all these larger sizes by email or phone as there are delivery and manual handling considerations.

Want us to do the sink / hob / special cut outs, shapes, even odd ones? No problem. The same diagram we send you to confirm the details is the same detail that drives our computer controlled machining centres. Oak worktops must be oiled on all sides prior to installation. When ordering our worktops in their unoiled state, we recommend ordering 1 litre of worktop oil per 3 metres of worktop. Our pre-oiled worktops will require a few finishing coats of oil once installed.

An alternative to an oiled finish is our extremely hard wearing, low maintenance nano-coating treatment.