About Us

Highest Quality Raw Materials

Wooden Kitchen Worktops has established itself as the UK’s finest manufacturer of hardwood worktops, kitchens and furniture. Using only the highest quality raw materials, a team of highly skilled craftsmen and industry leading technologies the result is a product that stands out from the crowd.

Every order produced is unique; unlike other kitchen worktop companies who either supply stock boards only, or produce their orders from stock boards, we have invested in the hardware needed and even developed processes and technologies in order that we can custom-produce every order to each customer’s specific requirements.

We have control of the entire process – from the moment the tree is cut in New England to the moment the worktop arrives in your kitchen; there are no middle men, no call centres, and no hard sell.

The World’s Finest Wooden Worktops

Unlike mass market suppliers, who source prefabricated worktops constructed from low grade timber sourced in Eastern Europe or China, we not only use the finest wood, forested in the Appalachian Mountains in Ohio. In fact, we coined the phrase ‘furniture grade’ which many of our competitors now mimic – but unfortunately for their customers it is only in terms of the text on their website or brochure rather than the quality of the raw material.

We not only assemble our own worktops, but we also cut it ourselves – and that process is so tightly controlled we specify exactly which trees we want cut down based on criteria that ultimately yield the highest quality finished product. No other worktop company has anywhere near this level of control over the process meaning that they have to deal with whatever raw material they end up with, and that ultimately means – at some point – passing it down to their customers.

Wooden Kitchen Worktops exists to provide people with high quality kitchens rather than the cheapest meaning we do not compete on price. This is not to increase our profit margins, the cost of our raw materials alone are higher than the delivered cost of some ‘budget’ wooden worktops. However, our Wooden Kitchen Worktops range is our way of providing people looking at the budget end of the market with a high quality alternative. Our worktops aren’t the cheapest, but that’s precisely the point – there are no shortcuts and no cheap materials in our processes. Ultimately, you get what you pay for, and in the case of our W-K-W boards, the little bit more that you spend is more than reflected in the final result.

The Most High Tech, Old Fashioned Company

We often describe ourselves as being the most high tech, old fashioned company in the world. This is because we neither have our head stuck in the past, nor do we rush to change our ways because they have temporarily gone out of fashion. We embrace new technology where it improves our service, but we do not accept the packaged, generic lifestyles that rapidly changing fashions that mass manufacturing brings.

This is reflected in our products. For example we don’t have standard sizes – either by length or by width. We produce every worktop to your exact dimensions because every kitchen is different. Our worktops are made to measure, not made to fit, and that distinction is important.

Most of our advertising is done via the Internet – but we do not accept that this means your sales experience has to be via a faceless, step by step process. You can order a DVD or a book instantly from an online store – but applying the same process to a personalized, bespoke worktop is nonsensical. As our result, our websites serve to provide and inform, however they are backed up by our office staff who will deal with the specifics of your order and ensure that you not only get what you want, you get what you need. Our staff will never try to push options you don’t need nor hide any potential issues in your order to secure the sale.

We operate a company with the best of both worlds – taking the benefits that modern technology has brought us while retaining the personal touch of days gone by.

Just like the Aerospace Industry…

Our investment in modern technology does not stop with our website. We have invested in many million-dollar pieces of machinery to enable us to provide the services described. From rip saws to clamp carriers to finger jointers – every piece of equipment needed to produce the highest grade of worktops has been invested in.

The centre piece of our operation is our CNC machine; once your worktop has been constructed from raw material, the CNC machine cuts it to size and to shape to an accuracy of 0.2mm – that’s 1/125th of an inch – this is accuracy only seen in the highest levels of engineering, and don’t just take our word for it:

“It’s created using computer numerical control, or CNC, machines – the same kind used by the aerospace industry to build mission-critical spacecraft components.”

That description was written by Apple, describing the level of accuracy they are proud to produce their computers to. If you are familiar with the quality of Apple hardware then you will be aware just how much weight that statement carries.

Please feel free to email sales@wooden-kitchen-worktops.co.uk with any questions.