Wooden Kitchen Worktops

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Made to your exact measurements, W-K-W worktops are available in a variety of timbers along with a wide range of bespoke options for a truly custom made wooden worktop.

It’s no wonder that we’ve supplied Marks & Spencers, Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Marco Pierre White, as well as thousands of private houses up and down the country.

Price matters, quality matters and you deserve both

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Bespoke Service

Technology & Craftsmanship

Our combination of technology with good old fashioned craftsmanship and skill is unbeatable. Attention to detail at every step delivers genuine quality, and our huge volumes guarantee costs are rigidly held down.

We use innovative techniques and technology that NO other supplier can match. Innovations like free cut to size worktops, since every worktop is bespoke, there are no off-cuts. We know every intimate detail about every single stage of production. Which is why we get it right. And why you can find our walnut worktops in the Royal Albert Hall, posing as bar tops, or our end grain blocks being relentlessly chopped in Jamie Oliver’s ‘Jamie’s Italian’.

A wonderful finish for your kitchen

Our office team can help you create a wonderful finish for your kitchen, and will give you as much help as you like. The worktops are the most important element in any kitchen, so it’s vital to get them right. Thousands of customers across the UK and as far afield as Japan have bought our worktops. I hope we will be able to help you too.

Made in Norfolk at the beautifully stood-in-time RAF West Raynham, every single worktop we make is crafted from rough sawn planks right here. Only when you make a product from scratch do you truly understand every aspect of it, never more so than when dealing with timber. The attention to detail is phenomenally demanding, but is actually a truly exciting and challenging side of the business. It’s also one of the key drivers behind our constant innovation in products and production. We never stand still.

You will not escape without great design!

Our design specialists will perform the breathtaking outcome that will make your heart to lose its rhythm. For each point of the interior, we prepared the mindblowing designs that solidify us as the best among the bests. You could just take a look at these gorgeous and naturalistic floral wallpapers or our professional cherry worktop. Take a path through our website and explore the wonderful world of great luxury and cozy interior.

Every single worktop is a bespoke piece

This has its challenges, but it has major benefits too. For clients, it means only ever buying what they need. No more ordering a three or four-meter length to cut down. No more waste. Which is one of the major reasons why you are able to buy such better quality timber in your worktop for such a competitive price. Because you only ever pay for what lengths you actually need, not the lengths a supplier happens to be selling.

Marks & Spencer buy our worktops, who else?

We have a whole section about the household names who buy our worktops. From British Airways and the Royal Albert Hall, to Jamie Oliver and Marco Pierre White, as well as thousands of private houses up and down the country, our worktops really are everywhere. Large or small, each client places their trust in us to deliver, trust which has been well earned.