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We have moved.

Our new Destination, RAF West Raynham

Wooden Kitchen Worktops has been exceedingly busy these past few months, with the move and all. Though we can finally put up our hands and officially say we have done it. We no longer reside at beloved Anmer Hall. We are now found at our new spacious and historic RAF West Raynham.

We have undergone a great deal of changes during the process of the move and we would like to share some of them with you.

Our new location is an old rustic Royal Air Force hangar, which has remained closed for about nineteen years. It definitely meant we had to make a few changes. It is now homey and revamped. Not only has the hangar had adjustments, our company has too. Our workshops are now placed within the heart of the hangar as before the workshops were away from Anmer at Wolferton.

To begin with, the offices within the hangar were six rooms. We have made progression and nearly all the walls have been taken down; this was on account of making the rooms spacious. Our offices are located to the front left of the hangar. It was once two large rooms, now made into now one larger room. The original windows that were rusty, old and stiff have been replaced with new ones. There are still few minor details to be attended to such as painting and lighting but we are certainly pleased to be here at RAF West Raynham.

We eventually would like to bring to you a brand new show room, which is being prepared and glamorised as we speak. This will take time and most probably won’t be finished till towards the end of the year/early next year at least. As we now reside in larger premises we are hoping to be able to expand and be able to give to you a larger variety of bespoke wooden products to choose from.

Our phone number has changed and can easily be found on our website. We are extremely excited to be in the hangar and to have it almost finished. We still continue to bring you our bespoke service, though the company has changed location, the company has not changed. We still bring polite and helpful service, when you order a wooden worktop.