Pre-Installation Oiling

Our advanced pre-installation oiling is the result of devoting many hours into developing our oiling technology to provide your worktop with a strong and stunning finish that is to the same quality as our design and manufacturing processes.

Our worktops receive their pre-installation oiling in our enclosed finishing room, and to achieve the best finish, our experts are on-hand to check this vital process at certain stages.

Before we begin pre-installation oiling, your worktops will receive a final sanding for an even and smooth finish, the perfect surface for our oil to penetrate into. The oil penetrates below the surface of the timber to create a gorgeous, deep finish and makes ongoing maintenance far easier, with minimal amounts of oil needing to be applied.

The oil we use is an ultra-pure linseed oil with no VOCs and a low protein content. It is fantastic to work with and nurtures and protects the timber, providing the most amazing finish, with a beautiful natural patina and an unbeatable quality.

We seal the worktop with just the right amount of oil, lovingly spread three uniform coats to the face and the back of the worktops with the end grain receiving more. Any excess is quickly wiped off and the worktop is then allowed to dry naturally as it lets the oil harden properly, before being de-nibbed with fine sand paper. The result is a high-quality a layer of protection that is smooth and durable.

This process may take time, but the perfect finish can never be rushed. Our pre-installation oiling makes sure that you have a flawless matt base finish, allowing you to create beautiful, gloss finish.

With pre-installation oiling, your worktop is ready for you to install the second it is delivered. All that is needed once the worktops are in place is an additional 6 thin coats to be applied to top and exposed edges.

Full instructions are supplied with your order.