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Iroko Worktop Samples

Available in 60mm

Iroko Worktops

Our FSC iroko worktops in are available in 60mm stave widths. The stave size refers to the width of the smaller individual lengths of timber which make up the worktop.

60mm worktop

Our FSC iroko worktops are 40mm thick. Wooden Kitchen Worktops designs and manufactures the most beautiful solid FSC Iroko Kitchen worktops. Constructed using 100% FSC certified African Iroko Timber.

It's not all about the money

solid iroko worktop

Until we secured our source of FSC Iroko, we turned business away not only becasue of the sustainability issues, but also the environmental ones. This shocking headline was in the Telegraph on the 8th January 2012 " Loggers 'burned Amazon tribe girl alive'". In an effort to force the indingenous rain forest population from its land, one of the last uncontacted tribes of the Amazon, the loggers tied the girl to a tree and burned her alive. Whilst this gets headlines from Brazil, the sad fact is that in Africa this behaviour is commonplace. So when you buy a product where the retailer claims to be either sustainable or environmentally friendly, unless both the company and the timber has full FSC certification, it's a LIE. And by buying a non certified product where the rules aren't followed, you are, tragically and frequently unwittingly, putting money in the hands of those who kill in the name of profit. It costs us a lot of money to maintain our FSC certifcation, including a lot of administration. The timber is more expensive too. But then we love what we do and how we do it. It's not all about the money. By the way, the same is true for 'African Walnut' (no such thing, just a spin doctor's creation), 'Zebrano', and worst of all 'Wenge' which is actually on the UN endangered species list - non of these timbers have any third party sustainability accreditation. Please do see our page on our environmental policy.

Pure 100% FSC certified Iroko

bespoke iroko worktop

Iroko is an African timber with excellent properties for kitchen worktops as it contains natural oils and silca which repel water. The problem with Iroko is that as an African hardwood, gettng genuine sustainable timber has, until now, been impossible. Our Iroko is pure 100% FSC certified Iroko. It's quite beautiful, dense, hard, and maks for a really fabulous worktop. In fact we have also made bath surrounds from it, which shows just how confident we are with our manufacturing and finishing compliments the natural properties of Iroko.

Make your worktop stand out from the crowd

fsc iroko oiling

Given the exclusive nature of this arrangement, we are upping the ante by offering it in a 60mm stave width rather than the narrower 40mm option. This allows you to see far more of the natural beauty of the timber and will make your worktop stand out from the crowd.

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