Britain's finest hardwood briquettes

These are simply the best briquettes on the market. Why?

1. Material

hardwood briquettes

We only machine hardwoods - real hardwoods that is, like Oak (60%), Black Walnut (30%) Maple and Cherry (10%). All of our stock is kiln dried in the USA to around 7 percent - much lower than European timber. So it is bone dry. So why is this important? Well, it also means it leaves virtually no residual ash, burns with almost zero smoke (no more sooting in your chimney), but most importantly, it means you are buying almost pure energy to burn. over 6 KW per KG, so these are the most energy packed briquettes on the planet.

2. Equipment

oak and walnut briquettes

Our briquetting machine is a 'RUF' briquetter. At £85,000, it is the Rolls Royce of briquetters. This means it makes one hell of a bruiquette. In fact it squeezes it so hard, the briquettes sink in water. What does this mean for you? Well first of all it means they don't just fall apart like the sausage shaped rubbish that comes from the cheap machines. In fact our briquettes are solid enough for you to throw them against the wall and they will stay in one piece. So they are very clean burning. Since they are brick shaped, you can stack them easily, and actually they look rather nice. And most importantly, it means they burn hot and slow. In fact they burn as hot as good quality coal.

3. Environment

oak briquettes

We only briquette our own sawdust and shavings. We produce thousands of bespoke wood worktops and furniture each year resulting in tons and tons of sawdust and shavings as a waste by product. As a result we have installed a dust extraction system that covers our entire workshop and feeds directly into our briquetter. The briquettes are made on site, meaning there is no additional carbon footprint in taking them to a second site for processing. As burning wood is carbon neutral (wood only releases the carbon it original absorbed) the carbon footprint in manufacturing our briquettes is a small as it can possibly be.

4. Quality

Because we only use our own saw dust, this means the briquettes are composed only of the high quality hardwood that we use for our furniture and worktops. We do not buy in additional cheap waste like softwood shavings, cardboard or rag to try and sell more briquettes. This is important because the minute you start mixing in softwood shavings it goes down in quality; a hardwood briquette is the top of the line. A softwood briquette may be the same weight but it produces less heat, less energy, and as such is significantly lower value. And of course those folk that do it sell it for less, knowing it's not the same stuff.

How do I get them?

solid briquettes firelogs

Our briquttes come in bags each weighing approximately 20KG - good strong plastic rubble bags. This is important as you must keep the briquettes dry, which this does perfectly. Not great to look at, but since the briquettes are, no need to keep the packaging in your sitting room. Unless you like that sort of thing.

Delivery is by palette only, so expect a lorry with a tail lift, and lots of bags all neatly stacked up and bound together. These are business type deliveries, so it means they dump the palette on the road side and leg it. Don't expect them to help any more than that (not to cast aspersions against truck drivers, but their job is to deliver pallets to the road and that's all - and the guys we use do it very well, but you get my drift) . So you need to either have a pallet truck or be ready to hand ball the bags off to where you want them. Allow a few days for delivery, as this price is based on the cheaper alternative. Happy to do overnight, just ask for us a quote. The cost is based on most UK addresses, but if you are in the deep west country, darkest Wales or north of York, or anywhere else where the issue of slightly higher delivery rates are often an issue, do call us just to check the rate - we don't make money on deliveries, but we do get charged, as you would imagine, for the more out of the way deliveries which we just pass on. I don't care if we send these to moon as long as you pay for the haulage.

How much do they cost?

Sample pack - 10KG   |   £15   |   p&p Inc

100 KG   |   £46   |   p&p £50

250 KG   |   £95   |   p&p £50

500 KG   |   £175   |   p&p £65

1000 KG   |   £330   |   p&p £65

Any questions please just give us a call - 01328 838 604. Payment - we take Debit or credit card over the phone. Alternatively cash on collection is fine - we still have to charge you the VAT, but it's only at the 5% rate so it's not that big a deal. I'm afraid we can't do any deals without the VAT

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